Creepy Head
Sticker Pack

Creepy Head (不気味な頭) というワードを自由に解釈するデザインチャレンジを開催し、最高の作品が集まりました!今回のCreepy Head Challengeで選ばれた14人の受賞者による限定ステッカーパックを紹介します。








The moment I saw the Creepy Head Challenge theme, my brain went straight to “what’s underneath matters”. I am a tattoo artist inspired by horror fantasy.



I saw your challenge and thought: I have plenty of creepy heads on my drawings. Let's submit some! And - well, hot dog! It apparently caught your eye!



I would describe my style as a relentless effort to make gross things look lively and appealing :)



I took a few of the weirdest characters from my sketchbook: painted, collaged, and distorted them to add all the nightmare creepy textures and anatomical features I could.



I am a psychedelic cosmic horror artist! My Creepy Head design depicts a brightly coloured cosmic wizard spewing forth new intergalactic landscapes.



I love creating weird faces that look like guts. My design depicts an infected clown in the final decomposition phase.



My style is cartoonish, with thick lines. At first, I thought of drawing the head of a torturer but changed my mind as I figured that the victim's head would be much creepier.



My illustration style is heavily influenced by my love for old games and horror movies. My submission features an old VHS cassette with a face - perhaps a zombie movie?



I’m a bit obsessed with the pop culture/cereal box design of my ‘90s youth: When I read “Creepy Head Challenge” was the theme, I knew Creepy Heads Cereal was happening!

ホログラム + ネオンピンク


My style is symmetric lowbrow creatures. This challenge screamed: DO A SYMMETRIC CREEPY HEAD!! featuring a big centered mouth screaming at, or biting you.


Inspired by a video games interpretation of a Wendigo, I got out of my comfort zone from cute doodles to creating a creepy and hungry creature!



I'd describe my style as spooky scary minimalism with a tad of humour. For this challenge I asked myself what I'm afraid of, apparently the answer is angry, heavily tattooed babies.



My use of a few vibrant colours and uncomplicated shapes adds simplicity and joyfulness. Playful elements shift the creepy concept to a lively mood; there's always room for light.

ビニール + クラックアイスホロ


My design is based on the tales of the Siren; mesmerizing you to believe that a beautiful mermaid awaits on the other side. Alas, they rap you up tight and give you the last kiss you'll ever need!